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Eco-friendly plant foods that with nature to help your plants grow

Our natural and eco-friendly plant foods are made by concentrating the plant residue from renewable energy processes. They are nutrient rich and perfect for all your gardening needs. They're totally natural and, unlike chemical plant foods, are kind to the soil.

EcoGro’s Natural and Eco-Friendly Plant Foods

We create multi-purpose, natural and eco-friendly plant foods that are made entirely from plant residues so they are kind to the earth and contain more micronutrients.

They are free from chemicals, plant-based and completely natural!

Unlike chemical fertilisers usually found in garden centres, our plant foods not only contain N, P and K but are also rich in the micronutrients needed for excellent plant growth and soil health.

EcoGro’s natural plant foods won’t damage soil microbes which are essential for soil’s structure. It’s perfect for use on all plants, vegetables, fruit and lawns.

The EcoGro family is made up of

  • EcoGro Booster for all your tomatoes, fruits and vegetables
  • EcoGro Bloomer for flowering plants
  • EcoGro Ericaceous which works with the micro-organisms in the soil to create perfect growing conditions for acid loving plants
  • EcoGro EcoMyst, a handy spray bottle ideal for indoor plants

Our story

Eco friendly and made from the renewable energy processes on our farms

EcoGro are a local company with a simple goal: to help you grow your garden without damaging the planet. They planted their roots in Cumbria over 60 years ago when Richard Harrison began building unusual machines using old World War Two tanks on his pig farm near Carlisle. What he was making was an early version of the modern anaerobic digester, now seen across the UK on farms producing renewable power from waste or crops. Richard also realised that the digester’s by-product had better plant growing properties than that of normal animal dry waste and would make a perfect garden fertiliser. From here, the EcoGro idea was born.

Our lovely stockists

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I’ve even had neighbours notice the new flush of blooms after using this. It’s fantastic, and I really like that you can’t over-do it and burn roots.


This is the 3rd time I've bought this, my plants, fruit and vegetables love it. Good value for money, I've used similar products at the same price but half the amount. Would definitely recommend and will be using again I'm sure.

Amazon Customer

I bought EcoGro Booster as my seedlings were looking a bit sad due to the cold spring. They’ve really perked up and are growing stronger and greener every day. I’d certainly recommend this product for anyone who’s also been struggling!


We’ve been using BioPower at GrowALotMore over the past few weeks and seen great results. It’s brilliant to have an eco-friendly product and great to have support from a Cumbrian company.

Paul JordanGrowALotMore - Cumbria

This excellent product arrived quickly and is already helping my plants grow and look great. Its a great product and we love that its completely natural and eco-friendly.


I liked EcoGro's products because they are local, the product is natural and plant-based. I generally use a crystalised feed/fertiliser on my vegetables which can be a tad onerous, so the liquid form really appealed to me.

Malcolm BCumbria

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